Dominique’s interest in the whole person governs her encounter with every client. Even though she has specialized in some areas, the complete experience of each person is valuable and important and cannot be categorized by any specializations. She works from a humanistic and holistic perspective.


EFT Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (hyperlink to ICEEFT website) is an evidence-based therapy that helps couples recognize their most damaging arguments as threats to their closeness. It allows them to self-correct after therapy is completed. Couples become a team as they learn to understand each other’s raw spots and learn to support each other in an empathic and robust way.

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EFT Couples Therapy

EFT Roadmap

Depression, Anxiety & Trauma

Emotions and moods are common to human beings. Sometimes people have learned that they are not appropriate for the modern and smart human being, but this is a misconception. Learning how to manage them for one’s own well-being, to accept them as indicators of a need for careful attention, people will be able to thrive in a challenging life.

Trauma can be seen as a sudden whack on the head, which catches one’s regulatory system by surprise. Bringing awareness through inner awareness, imaginative evolution or attunement and therapeutic validation brings freedom from restrictive trauma.


Collaborative Divorce & Mediation

Divorce is a very stressful event that affects the family and also the individual emotional well-being. In a Collaborative Divorce I attend to the emotional currents of the family that people want to retain because they are important to the divorcing couple. The emotions that come up in the process itself need to be recognized, understood and valued. This is the work of what Collaborative Law calls the divorce coach.

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Collaborative Divorce

Sex Therapy

Sexuality is a biological, physical, cultural and psychological issue. All of these aspects are considered in therapy. Whether individually or as a couple, people learn about their own preferences and inclinations, with the goal of feeling safe and free within their own value system. LGBTQI individuals are not minorities here.

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Sex Therapy


Considering Divorce

The therapeutic method of considering whether your relationship can improve if it were given time and attention is called Discernment Therapy or Discernment Counseling. Both individuals have their own time with the therapist to brainstorm about their side of the issue, whether they are leaning into the relationship or out of it, and then, step by step over 3-5 sessions, small decisions and requests are made. Next steps are laid out at the end of those sessions to provide a guide for the next phase, whether it be couples counseling or splitting up.


Parents, after having gone through the distress and disappointment of a break-up, often continue to feel anger or lack of cooperation from their co-parent. These emotions must be heard and understood by someone in order to work them out. The intense care about children is sometimes compromised while they work out their discussion style and calm it down. Even if a distressed parent holds his or her feelings to themselves, the tension can be felt by the children. Co-parenting counseling is a gift you can give yourself when already working hard on new relationships, career moves or creating a home after the split-up.



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